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I started hunting at the young age of 11 and guided my first animal at 13. In 2009 my passion become a reality where I got my PH for big game. I am currently licensed in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Zambia.

My favourite animal to hunt is the Vaal Rhebuck and any free range kudu bulls. The tiny 10 also have a special place in my heart, as I believe this is the ultimate list to complete in Africa.

I became a PH because I am a peoples person and nothing brings me more joy than to see a client who has dreamt about his African Safari shoot what has been on his wish list. To me this is the best job in the whole world as nothing can beat sitting around the campfire making plans to what you will do the next day. You can sit the whole night planning all the finer details but everything can change a second the next day when you’re out and nothingn brings me more joy. It is the thrill of the unknown that keeps us hunters hooked.

To me hunting is all about conservation, the people we bring together and the people and communities that benefit from hunting is massive. Huntershill strives to sell not only an animal but a whole experience and I am so lucky to be part of that. May I do this until the day I die.